iMSRC is a novel piece of software that enables the upgrading of a conventional automated microscope to an intelligent screening platform. This saves time and resources, improves data robustness and makes possible new applications such as rare event detection. iMSRC combines the advantages of proprietary and custom-made acquisition software, showing flexibility and straightforward operation.


iMSRC has been developed by the Confocal Microscopy Unit in collaboration with the Bioinformatics Unit both from the CNIO


iMSRC put together the power of automated image capture driven by previous object detection with microscope manufacturers' acquisition software making the acquisition process much easier to use and boasting optimized hardware compatibility.

Open Source

iMSRC intelligent Matrix Screener Remote Control) is a new open source software able to carry out intelligent screening techniques on a standard automated microscope with no need of any programming skills nor learning to use any new image capturing software and compatible with confocal and widefield microscopes.