Standard Microscopy Standard High Content Screening Intelligent Screening Approach
Advantages Advantages Advantages
  • High quality images
  • No empty fields
  • Maximum resolution
  • Low storage capacity required
  • Automated acquisition/analysis
  • High sample throughput
  • Statistically robust information
  • Events of interest-driven acquisition (any shape allowed, and time and storage saving)
  • High sample throughput
  • Automated acquisition/analysis (any format allowed)
  • Optimal quality images (maximum resolution available)
  • No empty fields (easier image analysis)
  • Statistically robust information
Disadvantages Disadvantages
  • User-dependent acquisition
  • Small number of samples scanned
  • Time consuming
  • Random sampling (empty fields)
  • Robust biological assay required (Z-score)
  • Strong  image /data analysis required
  • Powerful computers required to handle the huge amount of images/data
  • Intermediate resolution images or time consuming choice